Chinese students enrolling in U.S. colleges in record numbers

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The food, the language, the students, the classes ­— for Neo Nie, everything at Governors State University is different from Guangdong University of Technology, the school he attended in China.

Everything but his sport, table tennis.

At Yale, Sharper Look at Treatment of Women

Hannah Zeavin, a Yale junior from Brooklyn, said, “If you’re not expelling people who are committing rape, as was the case with my friends’ assailants, that means those men are still around.” 

Fishville's Notes: Yale has been recently in a media storm on complaints from Yale students and alumni accusing university's loose standard in regulating some of its male students's behaviors. Department of Education and Vice President Biden (whose son graduated from Yale ironically) announced new administration action to combat the campus sexual violence. Traditionally, Yale has a quite tolerant policy toward student party and alcohol consumption, it is their intention to create a tight knit campus for students to have a closed college social life, this is also one of the compensatory efforts from the administration for a campus inside the Ghetto-like New Haven city. Now it seems obviously that Yale has overdone it based on the formal complaints from its own students, Yale will face a possible consequence for withdrawing some of its $500 millions research funds by federal government if some of the title IX charges are valid.


At Yale, Sharper Look at Treatment of Women

New York Times, April 7, 2011

NEW HAVEN — It has taken on the predictability of an annual ritual, like parents’ weekend or commencement: the outburst of raunchy male behavior that has shaken the Yale University campus in each of the last few school years.

In 2008, fraternity members photographed themselves in front of the Yale Women’s Center with a poster reading, “We Love Yale Sluts.” In 2009, a widely e-mailed “preseason scouting report” rated the desirability of about 50 newly arrived freshman women by the number of drinks a man would need in order to have sex with them. And in October, fraternity pledges paraded through a residential quadrangle chanting: “No means yes!”

Admissions promotes Yale abroad

Fishville's Notes: With total of 58 undergraduates at Yale currently, China represented the second "largest" international student body at Yale campus, only behind Canada's 72. Canada is so close to the United States that in many social events or sports associations like baseball major league, Canada functions as part of the larger America's union. Yale is also one of the very few universities in the United States that grants need-based for financial aids for all of the international students. In other words, Yale will cover all of the demonstrated needs if you were fortunately accepted through need-blind process. Even Stanford is not a need-based university with regards to their international applicants. This is the time for us to correct a perception in Chinese media covering Chinese student being accepted by Harvard and Yale, they always would like to say that the student has awarded a scholarship worth over $50K per year from Yale, this is indeed a misled statement if they did some of the research on the nature of financial aid within some of the most generous Ivy members. Our suggestion to the Chinese newspapers is that you are free to report the great achievements of the students who have been accepted by Harvard or Yale, but for scholarship money the only thing you have to do is to show our gratitudes to the generosity of America's elite universities.



International students considering Yale face a unique range obstacles in applying, but University admissions representatives said they are having increasing success in portraying it as a tangible option.

Admissions officer said they travel to every corner of the globe to encourage top students to think of Yale as a possibility, and to tell them about the social, intellectual and creative opportunities available. Though American universities cost much more than those in many other countries — not including financial aid — and the liberal arts model is unfamiliar to international students who have grown up in professionally-oriented systems, admissions officers said their efforts are beginning to pay off.



10 College Admissions Trends

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

By Kristina Dell; The Daily Beast, March 30, 2011

At 5 p.m. today, Ivy League schools will notify their lucky applicants—the precious few admitted in the toughest admissions year ever. From soaring waitlists to a Southern boom, Kristina Dell on 10 trends.

The toughest college admissions year on record is reaching its apex this week as nervous seniors obsessively check their email or a website to discover their fates. (Waiting for the fat or thin envelope? So 2005.) The hotter-than-ever Ivy League schools, which all had a record number of applicants this year, will notify the lucky ones at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

It has been an especially stressful process this year. The weak economy and a wider acceptance of the common application—Columbia used it for the first time this year and had a 32 percent jump in applicants over last year—has meant the competition is steeper than ever. Over the past five years, applications to the eight Ivy League schools plus MIT and Stanford skyrocketed from just over 200,000 applications to almost 300,000 early and regular applications, for a total increase of more than 40 percent, according to Michele Hernandez, president of Hernandez College Consulting.

Class of 2015 admit rate lowest ever



In line with its peer institutions, Yale’s admission rate dropped this year — from 7.5 percent in the last admissions cycle to 7.35 percent this year.

Yale is making a total of 2,006 offers of admission to the record 27,282 students who applied this year, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said. Yale’s target class size will stay consistent this year, and Brenzel attributed the decreased admit rate to the rise in applications this year.

“The admit rate went down simply because applications went up,” Brenzel said. “We’re aiming at about the same number of places as last year, and we had a significant application increase, so our admit rate must go down as a result.”

When will Harvard and Yale become UC Berkeley?

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

In response to this hot post (see above link) at Wenxuecity, I have posted a piece regarding the culture of the elite college admissions in the United States. I put it here to be shared with you as I think it would be a health discussion for every Chinese-American family that has college-, professional and graduate school-bound students. It was writing in a short time without paying so much attention on grammars and structures. Basically, our dream is not that different than those of Martin Luther King's in the 60s as he said in his famous “I have a dream” speech: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

When will Harvard and Yale become UC Berkeley?

”At this time of every year, there was so much sad news relative to Chinese kids' disappointed admissions into the top schools. It is indeed a heart-broken social consequence for our kids to face year by year, as we have to confess that in some cases the only thing our children have to overcome is their Chinese family names. It is not going to be that difficult for a real change on affirmative action as Princeton's studies have concluded that affirmative action is in its sunset stage. It certainly requires a Supreme Court's action, and the good news is that the court is leaning to the right. In 2003 Michigan's case, Justice O'Connor gave affirmative action another 25 years to be practicing.

TJMCOAA Organizational Structure, 2011 Administrative Appointments, and Responsibilities


TJMCOAA Organizational Structure, 2011 Administrative Appointments, and Responsibilities

2011年度同济医学院海外校友总会组织结构, 任命, 及职责


(Finalized on Jan. 20, 2011)


Board of Trustees (董事会):

John Wang (王强), Dale Tang(唐大春), Xiaojing Zhang(张晓静),Guohua Li(李国华), Jiamin Teng(滕嘉敏), Baihan Li (李百涵), Henry Liu (刘恒意),Ke-Qin Hu (胡克勤)Peiyi Hu (胡培怡), Jing Deng (邓京)



·        Legal governing body of TJMCOAA

·        Overall governmental of TJMCOAA

·        Regulation and operation of elections

·        Legal or other emergent issues or events

·        Update and interpret bylaw and other important TJMCOAA documents (when needed)

·        Propose, review, and approve new operations

·        Working with Finance committee on IRS report and communication for 501(c)(3) status


Executive Committee (执委会):

President:                                          Ke-Qin Hu (胡克勤)

Presient-elect:                                   Gary Lu(卢刚)

Immediate past president:                 Henry Liu (刘恒意)

Vice Presidents:         Jing Peng, Gang Wang, Langjing Zhang, Erjia Wang, Sijiu Shen, XiaBu


·        Coordination of the operative communication with the board of trustees

·        Organization of the administrative team for 2011 administration

·        Daily operation under the direction of TJMCOAA board of trustees

·        Operating annual election under the direction of TJMCOAA board of trustees

Secretaries            Zhiwei Lai (赖志伟, Leader),Erjia Wang(汪尔佳), Min Chen (陈敏)


·        Assist President and executive committee in TJMCOAA routine operations

·        Assist in coordinating operations among committees

·        Assist drafting, updating, revising, and posting TJMCOAA important documents (internal, website, and news press)

·        Assist in coordinating central TJMCOAA activities and events

·        Assist in the operation of annual awards

·        TJMCOA documents recording, filing, and storing


Finance Committee

VP:                              Jing Peng (Functioning as this committee’s Chief Finance Officer TJMCOAA, in charge of daily operation, and reporting to the president)

Document Recording:Zhiwei Lai, Erjia Wang (assisting in recording, filing, and storing all TJMCOAA important documents for the regulation purpose)

Co-Chairs:                 Xiaojing Zhang and Dale Tang (Functioning as the board’s liaison for this committee.  In charge of directing, counseling, and support, and reporting to general board)

Members:                  Ming Chen, Peiyi Hu, Henry Liu, Huanchen Li, Zhiwei Lai, Erjia Wang


·        Budgeting (when needed) and accounting

·        Financial administration

·        IRS report and communication for 501(c)(3) status

·        Fundraising for TJMCOAA

·        Fundraising for Qiu’s Foundation










From ‘End of History’ Author, a Look at the Beginning and Middle
By NICHOLAS WADE   NYT, March 7, 2011

Human social behavior has an evolutionary basis. This was the thesis in Edward O. Wilson’s book “Sociobiology” that caused such a stir, even though most evolutionary biologists accept that at least some social behaviors, like altruism, could be favored by natural selection.

In a book to be published in April, “The Origins of Political Order,” Francis Fukuyama of Stanford University presents a sweeping new overview of human social structures throughout history, taking over from where Dr. Wilson’s ambitious synthesis left off.

Dr. Fukuyama, a political scientist, is concerned mostly with the cultural, not biological, aspects of human society. But he explicitly assumes that human social nature is universal and is built around certain evolved behaviors like favoring relatives, reciprocal altruism, creating and following rules, and a propensity for warfare.

Behind The Scenes: How Do You Get Into Amherst?

Dresden, Germany, Photo Courtesy: Fishville


March 28, 2011

Admissions committees at selective colleges sometimes have to plow through thousands of applications to choose the members of next year's freshman class. The committee at Amhest College in Mass., will accept only 1,000 of the more than 8,000 students who applied.



Spring is a mean season for high school seniors. It's college acceptance time. And if students don't get in, they never find out why.


Was it that C in Algebra 1, the lukewarm recommendation, the essay that should have gone through spell check?

MONTAGNE: NPR's Tovia Smith got a rare chance to sit in on an admissions committee at Amherst College in Massachusetts. The liberal arts college will accept only 1,000 of more than 8,000 students who applied.

The Ivy Delusion


By Caitlin Flanagan The Atlantic, March 11, 2011


RIGHT NOW, IN admissions offices in Cambridge and New Haven and Palo Alto, the teenage children of some of America’s most thoughtful and devoted mothers are coming in for exceptionally close scrutiny—as is, so these women feel, the parenting they have offered their youngsters for the past 18 years. This is the tail end of reading season, when our august universities must turn to what their relentless high-school visiting and U.S. News & World Report boosterism have wrought: a staggering number of requests for an absurdly small number of spots at their schools. Harvard recently announced that this year it is considering an astronomical 35,000 applications for only about 1,640 spaces in the freshman class. The great hope of today’s professional-class parents—whose offspring still make up the majority at elite colleges, no matter how much progress the institutions have made in widening the socioeconomic range of their student bodies—was that the ebbing of the so-called echo boom would save their children from the heartless winnowing. The late 1990s and the 2000s saw an uptick in the number of teenagers in America, and there was a belief, in many quarters, that the increasingly competitive nature of elite-college admissions was a by-product of that demographic fluke. But now, although the number of teens has receded, the percentage of those kids who nurture the dream of attending a selective college continues to skyrocket. And so, for this year’s most accomplished and talented high-school seniors, the reckoning is at hand.







我须纠正前文的差错. 如果你算上老布什的北京联络办事处负责人,1974年以来美国驻华大使中不是两位而是五位拥有耶鲁学位. 有趣的是,他们清一色拥有耶鲁最有价值的学士学位.老布什和罗德还是耶鲁的秘密社团骷髅会的成员。耶鲁对中美关系的影响恐怕没有其他美国大学可以相比。在同一时期,哈佛的记录是零。

China Welcomes Home the New U.S. Envoy

President George W. Bush is greeted by U.S. Ambassador Sandy Randt upon his arrival Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. With them at left are former President George H.W. Bush and Ms. Barbara Bush. White House photo by Eric Drape.

Fishville's Notes: 在他成为美国驻华大使后的一个新闻发布会,桑迪.雷德描述了他是怎样得到这份工作的。作为律师他在香港经商多年。有一天,他接到了他的前耶鲁大学兄弟会会的电话问他是否对空缺的驻大使感兴趣。雷德指出他很幸运, 因为电话线的另一端的人就是新当选的美国总统布什。以前的美国驻大使要么职业外交家或退休的参议员, 耶鲁的友谊使一个商人成为大使。奥巴马总统今天提名骆家辉为下届美国驻大使, 是近来第二代表美国使中国耶鲁毕业生. 骆家辉拥有耶鲁政治科学学士学位.

In one of his news conferences after he became the U.S. Ambassador to China, Sandy Randt described how he got the job. He was a lawyer doing business in Hong Kong for many years. One day he got a phone call from his former Yale fraternity brother who asked him if he is interested in becoming the ambassador to China. Randt pointed out that he was lucky enough that the person on another end of the phone line was apparently the newly elected president of the United States George W. Bush. Previous individuals who held ambassador position were either professional diplomats or retired Senator, Yale friendship made possible for a businessman to become an ambassador. Today’s nomination of Gary Locke (骆家辉) by president Obama as the next U.S. Ambassador to China will mark the second Yalie in recent memory to represent America in China as Locke also had spent his four youth years in New Haven.

China Welcomes Home the New U.S. Envoy

Posted by Hannah Beech Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 12:08 am

Yale Draws Interest to New Haven's Center

Potsdam, Berlin, Germany, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

Fishville's Notes: 耶鲁在纽黑文市中央商务区近来的复兴发挥了至关重要的作用。在他1993年成为耶鲁大学校长时, 有两个治校议程为理查德.莱文优先考 其中之一是使耶鲁大学更加国际;另外一个就是改善耶鲁与纽黑文市的关系。为了鼓励其工作人员在学校附近纽黑文居住,耶鲁愿意支付部按揭款如果耶鲁教职工在市区置产。耶鲁同时注入大量资金帮助纽黑文的发展。这篇华尔街日报的文章描述了耶鲁在纽黑文从一个高犯罪率贫民窟转型为一个充满活力的城市的过程起的作用。美国的许多知名学府都面临耶鲁类似的挑战。你并不需要我们提醒你纽约的哥伦比亚大学,约翰.霍普金斯医学院,芝加哥大学,宾大。如果你考虑帕洛.阿尔托的某些地方,斯坦福也应包括在内。

Yale plays a critical role in recent renaissance of New Haven's downtown central business district. Two agendas were on Richard Levin's mind when he became Yale President in 1993, one is to make Yale more international, another one is to improve Yale's relationship with the city of New Haven. Yale subsidizes mortgage payment for Yale faculty and staff to buy houses in the city of New Haven and infuses a huge amount of funds to the development of New Haven. This Wall Street Journal article described the impact of Yale on the transition of New Haven from a high crime ghetto into a now vibrant city. Many of America's elite colleges face the similar challenges Yale has had. You don't need us to mention New York's Columbia, Johns Hopkins' Medical School, U Chicago, Penn and even Stanford if you consider certain areas of Palo Alto.

Yale Draws Interest to New Haven's Center

By Shelly Banjo, Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2011

For more than half a century, the downtown central business district of New Haven, Conn., was a blighted area that students from the nearby Yale University campus routinely avoided.

Today, the area is undergoing a renaissance—reversing a flight to the suburbs and bringing people back to the city for jobs, restaurants and new housing options that have hit the market over the past year.

Yale's new White House Press Secretary

Carney's '87 path to the White House

By Anjali Balakrishna, Staff Reporter, Yale Daily News, March 4, 2011

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney'87 learned the hard way that he is no natural in front of the camera.

Carney took two days off from his job covering the White House for Time magazine in the 1990s to audition for a cable company in Washington D.C. The network, which sought an anchor for a new show, had reached out to Carney to take the job permanently — but after just two days of filming, he returned to Time. His television career was a disaster, he told colleagues, and the show probably would not go on without him.

Harvard = copycat?

San Souci Palace, Potsdam, Berlin, Germany, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

Harvard is copying us

By Jordi Gassó, Yale Daily News, Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harvard = copycat?

According to an article published Wednesday by the Harvard Crimson, Yale's model of residential college renovations seems to have inspired Harvard's approach to its impending House renewal process. While the Harvard renovations are slated to begin in 2012, this year's restoration of Ezra Stiles College marks the end of Yale's extensive residential college reconditioning.

Harvard Looks to Yale as House Renewal Approaches

Berkeley College, Yale University, Photo Courtesy:Fishville

Fishville's Notes: 关于本科生住宿制度,哈佛有12Houses耶鲁则有12个住宿学院。所不同的是,哈佛学生经过一年的本科学习后才选择Houses,而耶鲁的住宿学院则是入学前由耶鲁校方确定学生的住宿学院,除非一些耶鲁学生允许进入他们的父母的住宿学院。在电影“社交网络“的场面里,马克.扎克伯格穿梭于哈佛校园的建筑之间。我们不得不承认哈佛若想与像建筑博物馆的耶鲁哥特式校园相比美,还有许多有待改进的地方。这就是为什么近年来学生在被哈佛耶鲁同时录取时,选择耶鲁的超过选择哈佛的人数。耶鲁校园营氛围使学生更建立密切的友谊,这就是为什么学生选耶鲁而置哈佛大学的名望和波士顿的大都会生活等优点于不顾的原因。哈佛正试图通过模仿耶鲁以翻新其住宿,他们已经聘请了许多年前装修了耶鲁一半住宿学院的同一装修公司。但这个计划仅适用于装修设计,根本无法改变那些位于剑桥的乏味的红色建筑物

For undergraduate house system, Harvard has 12 Houses and Yale has 12 residential colleges. The difference is that Harvard students choose their Houses after one year of undergraduate while Yale's residential college was determined by Yale before student's enrollment unless some students have a legacy's preference to attend their parent's colleges. Watching the scenes of the movie The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg rushes in between buildings of Harvard campus, we have to admit that Harvard has a lot of rooms to improve to match up the beauty of the Gothic Yale architectures. That is part of the reasons why a sizable share of cross-admitted applicants choosing Yale over Harvard in recent years. Yale's campus along with its close social friendship can really overcome its disadvantages in comparison of Harvard's prestige and Boston’s dynamic cosmopolitan life. Harvard is trying to renovate its houses by specifically targeting Yale's strengthen, they have hired the same architecture firm that had done half of Yale's residential college renovations many years ago. But this plan is only designed for renovation, you just simply can not turn down those buildings with boring pink color in Cambridge.

Harvard Looks to Yale as House Renewal Approaches

By Hana N. Rouse, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER,Wednesday, March 02, 2011

As a junior at Yale University, Willis “Chip” Arndt Jr. lived with eight other people in a dorm room that had originally been built to house only four.

Arndt, a resident of Calhoun College who graduated from Yale in 1990, describes the Calhoun he lived in as “antiquated.”

“People were living on top of each other,” Arndt says.

According to Arndt, in addition to a lack of space and leaky faucets, Calhoun failed to provide adequate accommodations for female students after Yale began admitting women in 1969.

After Four Year Hiatus, Early Action Admissions Policy To Return to Harvard College This Fall

Fishville's Notes: 在美国大学录取中提前录取拥有一定的优势是一个公开的秘密。这个图像以百分比的方式表述了早期录取在常春藤和斯坦福与麻省理工学院录取新生时的作用。对于具有早期决定的那些院校来说,早期录取的学生按协定是必须进入该校的。这就确保了该校的入学。看看宾夕法尼亚大学的数据,早期录取的学生占了它今年秋天入学新生的50%。现在哈佛,耶鲁,普林斯顿和斯坦福都拥有单一选择的早期行动。麻省理工也是提前行动,但它允许申请人申请多个学校。其他常春藤盟校均采取早期决定

It is an open secret that early admission programs carry a huge advantage on college admission in the United States. This figure showed it in a more direct way with the percentage of early admitted students in the whole freshmen's class in Ivies plus Stanford and MIT. For those colleges that have early decision, significant share of enrollment are basically a done deal. Look at the number of Penn, it will have a guaranteed 50% yield in the fall. Now four top schools (HYPS) all have SCEA (single-choice early action). MIT has early action but allows you to apply multiple schools. The rest of schools in the Ivy League are all in the early decision process.

Hiatus, Early Action Admissions Policy To Return to Harvard College This Fall

In a reversal of a bold policy that College administrators once touted as a boon for lower-income students, Harvard and Princeton University both announced yesterday that they will resume the early admissions program for students applying this fall.

Concerned that such programs disadvantaged applicants from underprivileged backgrounds, Harvard—followed by the University of Virginia and Princeton—eliminated early admissions starting for the Class of 2012.

When Harvard announced in 2006 that it would suspend its early admissions program, the University sent shock waves through higher education, and the move was seen as a step forward for increasing access to education.

But in recent months, Harvard administrators have come to reconsider the policy amid concerns that the College may be missing some of the country’s most talented applicants.

Early admissions back at Harvard, Princeton

Harvard and Princeton will rejoin Yale next fall by offering an early admissions program for students applying to the class of 2016.

Experts attributed the switch to single-choice early action admission, announced within hours of each other Thursday morning, to Harvard’s and Princeton’s concerns that they are losing top students to Yale and other schools with early admission by asking them to wait to apply in the regular round. When the schools disbanded their early admissions programs in 2006, representatives from both Harvard and Princeton said the early program gave an unfair advantage to students from privileged backgrounds. Now that the programs are back, officials from both universities say early admissions will actually increase socioeconomic diversity.

Early action returns to Harvard

SAT optional for some, not for Yalies

Though more and more American colleges and universities are making standardized tests an optional part of their application, Yale is not joining them.

Last week, DePaul University in Chicago, Ill. announced that it will no longer require its applicants to submit results from tests such as the SAT or ACT, making it the largest private nonprofit university to set such a policy. DePaul and other institutions change their admissions policies for a variety of reasons, among them the desire to select for “heart” over scores and the need to raise their application counts, but Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel said Yale is not even considering changing its testing requirements.

YES-W: Yale Engineering and Science Weekend

Branford College, Yale University, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

YES-W hosts more than 100 students

Yale’s top science and engineering recruits for the class of 2015 spent the weekend touring campus, meeting professors, and building machines out of found objects as part of a game called “Junk Yale Wars.”

Starting Saturday and continuing through today, the University is hosting Yale Engineering and Science Weekend (YES-W), an effort to show Yale off to 108 applicants who have received “likely letters” indicating their probable admission. YES-W is part of the University’s larger initiative to advertise Yale’s science and engineering offerings to prospective students, and is happening for the first time this year, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeremiah Quinlan said.

For countries, for Yale?

12 Residential Colleges, Yale Banner, Copy from Yale Yearbook by Fishville

Fishville’s Notes: “For God, for Country and for Yale” is a famous phrase that well described Yale’s mission to produce future loyal Yale alumni who have a tradition to serve the national interests of the United States. It also showed Yale’s religious root when its founding fathers were usually protestant leaders. In this interesting article with emphasis on Yale’s relationship with China, the author used a plural of the word “countries” in his title “For countries, for Yale?” . With the efforts of Yale’s current president Richard Levin, Yale becomes a university with global influences by educating the future international leaders. The long history of Yale with China can easily be traced to Yung Wing (容闳), the first Chinese student who graduated from America’s colleges, and creation of one of the first few westernized medical schools in China: Hsiang-Ya Medical College (湘雅医学院). In his 17 years as Yale President, Levin will make his 20th trip to China in April to participate Tsinghua University’s centennial celebration.


“为上帝,为国家也为耶鲁“作为一句名言很好的描述了耶鲁大学的使命。这个使命对于耶鲁来说就是培养忠实的耶鲁校友来为美国国家利益服务。它同时也表明了耶鲁的宗教渊源,因为很多耶鲁的早期创始人都是美国新教的领袖。在这篇有趣的重点描述耶鲁与中国渊源的文章中,作者在“为国家,为耶鲁?“ 用“国家”这个词时使用了复数 (多个国家?)。在耶鲁现任校长理查德莱文的努力下,耶鲁通过培养全球未来的领袖来体现耶鲁在国际事务的影响力。耶鲁与中国悠久的历史可以很容易地追朔到中国第一个毕业于美国大学的本科生容闳,以及耶鲁创办的中国最早的西医学院之一:湘雅医学院。自莱文担任耶鲁校长的17年以来,他今年四月参加清华百年校庆将是他的第20次中国之行。

For countries, for Yale?

In April, University President Richard Levin will travel to Beijing to deliver an address to a crowd gathered to celebrate at Tsinghua University.

It will be the school’s 100th anniversary, and nearly Levin’s 20th trip to China in 17 years as Yale’s President.

The University’s Asian outreach is not new — Yale’s ties to the continent date back to the mid-19th century. But the link has grown exponentially under Levin’s leadership. Since 2004, journeys east have not been limited to students hoping to polish language skills or spend a summer in Chinese non-profits. Yale and Chinese officials have traveled in both directions, sharing practices on how to lead the top universities in their respective countries.

Yale redistributes financial aid

Branford College, Yale University, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

Fishville’s Notes: The rumor has its value as Yale is indeed going to cut the financial aids for more affluent families with annual incomes between $130,000 and $200,000. But it is not that much though as the report indicating a few thousands more for these relatively wealthier families. Yale increased its financial aid budget by 8-9% and will use the larger budget to increase the financial aids to underprivileged families in which you are not required to pay anything (including room and board) if your family income is below $65,000. Yale asks contribution of about 1-10% of your salary if your family income is in the range of $65,000 to $130,000. The whole picture shows that Yale is still quite generous virtually for everyone.

Yale redistributes financial aid

Beginning with the class of 2015, low-income families will receive more financial aid, while those on the higher end of the income spectrum will receive less.

Families that earn between $130,000 and $200,000 annually will pay a greater share of tuition than they have in the past, Director of Financial Aid Caesar Storlazzi said, with the “parent contribution” rising from an average of 12 percent of annual income to 15 percent. This change accompanies the University’s decision to waive parent contributions for families that make less than $65,000 each year — a more generous cutoff than the previous $60,000 figure announced in December.

Harvard’s unofficial early admissions process

Washington University in St. Louis, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

Harvard’s unofficial early admissions process

By Valerie Strauss, January 20, 2011, Washington Post

Harvard University doesn’t have an official early admissions process, but some students still learn before everybody else whether they are being looked on with favor by the admissions folks.

Select students around the country are quietly receiving word from Harvard about how their application will be greeted during the regular process. That's a boost at a time when it is harder than ever.

300 ‘Likely Letters’ Sent to Class of 2015

Washington University in St. Louis, Photo Courtesy: Fishville

Harvard College will send out approximately 300 “likely letters”—the same number that it offered last year—to applicants by the end of this year’s admissions cycle, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67 told The Crimson in an interview last week.

The notices are typically sent to athletes and other exceptional candidates to inform them of their expected admissions in the spring, according to Fitzsimmons.

Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges University in St. Louis, Photo Courtesy: Fishville  

Recruiting in China Pays Off for U.S. Colleges

By JACQUES STEINBERG  February 11, 2011, NYT.

GRINNELL, Iowa — The glossy color brochures, each crammed with photos depicting a Chinese student’s high-achieving life from birth to young adulthood, pile up in the admissions office at Grinnell College here.

“Hi Professors!” one young woman announced in her bound booklet, known in China as a “brag sheet,” which included a photo of herself as a baby. She characterized her childhood as “naïve and curious,” and described herself now as “sincere, kind and tough.”

With 35,000 Applications, Even JFK Might Not Get in to Harvard

John F. Kennedy (JFK), the 35th President of the United States.

Fishville’s Notes: Reading this piece allows me to say that in his college application, this liberal icon, President Kennedy, was never better than George W. Bush whom everybody was aware that he gained all of his advantages from Andover to Yale through his family connection. JFK ranked “in the third quartile of his class” and had a GPA of 68 when he applied Harvard. JFK’s letter to Harvard’s admission committee was reasonable in his era but can easily be labeled as arrogant and entitlement that college counselors these days would recommend applicants to be avoided. But it also gave us a proof that legacy was playing a decisive role in 1935 when Harvard Man or Yale Man were chosen.


With 35,000 Applications, Even JFK Might Not Get in to Harvard

January 22, 2011,

Did you apply to Harvard this year? If you did, you're probably going to get rejected. But, if it'll help soothe your hurt feelings, pretty much everybody else who applied will too. The prestigious Ivy League university raked in a record 35,000 applications for about 1,600 spots, up from last year's record of 30,489. With those kind of numbers, a whopping 1 in 50 college seniors applied.

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